Many of my earliest memories go back to moments spent playing with make-up. It wasn't just a vanity, but an artistic expirement. I'd spend forever just playing with colors, seeing how I liked certain shades together. I'd do my own make-up for my dance recitals and school plays, even when I was as in kindergarten.

While I believe first and foremost in recognizing your own personal beauty, it gives you a small way of putting big impressions on others.As a teenager my curiosity for theatre would lead me to realize the real dynamics of make-up. It was a tool to build illusions and characters. It could take anyone and turn them into an entirely new person of a different age, even species. With the same expirements of color, I could manipulate reality.

Make-up will serve any time or place, it all depends on how you use it. I enjoy it deeply, no matter what the occasion, and hope that it becomes as much a part of my future as it has been my past.

Lindsay Mariko Foose

make-up artist